Happy Pets

February 12, 2010

I am a Pet Nanny/Sitter in Chandler AZ,  most of  my clients pets are used to being pampered.  The first conversation I have with my clients during the initital  meet and greet  relates to their pets habits, likes and dislikes.  Recently,  I was sitting for a family of 4 dogs and  everything was going well until the last evening when  All 4 started symptoms of anxiety.  I knew they  had been walked, fed and played with so   As I observed them I realized that all of my tricks had been used until  I had the ah ha  moment.  I noticed a copy of a recent Oprah Magazine on the coffee table which  I had never read so I opened up to the  personal testimonials and stories section  and I began to read aloud.  After 3 stories all seem serene as I looked over the top of the  magazine  and there were 4 sleeping pups!  Alas I said “a new trick”.  Who would have thought dogs would like to be read to.

Another dog took my feeding skills to a new level when he would not eat anything unless I hand fed each bite.  He was convinced that the food was better when It came from me.. I think I saw a sigh of relief on his face when I finally figured out what he really wanted.

Cats have us figured out as well and as I watched a pair of beautiful cats recently,  followed all of the clients instructions, I could not get one of them to drink her water.  I knew from personal experience that water temperature and movement are most important to some.  I again got out my bag of tricks and turned on the water slowly turning the faucet head to the side so it could easily be reached by “kittie”.  We  chuckle about his constant need for comfort in all aspects of his day.

While I consider myself experienced with animals I constantly look for ways to make “pet kids” happier and more relaxed in their own home.. I think I have a ways to go.

Debbie Bachler, The White Glove Concierge                                                                                                                                 WWW.thewhitegloveconcierge.com




Pet Sitting in Chandler Az

February 10, 2010

I have several pet clients in the Chandler area and I am getting to know what is unique about Chandler. The neighborhoods are developed to accommodate kids and pets. The wonderful parks are great to walk your dogs. As a professional “Pet Nanny” I enjoy walking with the “pet kids” around the parks and meeting new people and adoring other “pet kids”. I enjoy the lit paths at night as we stroll and the early morning strolls are quiet and the “kids” like checking out the newest smells. See you in the park!
Debbie Bachler
The white glove pet and home concierge.com

Arizona Pet Sitter

November 24, 2009

Hi I am Debbie, and I am a professional Pet sitter in Mesa Arizona.  I started out taking care of pets for family, friends, and co-workers when they would go out of town.  They wanted someone they knew, trusted, and felt that their pets would be safe with, and comfortable around.  I have really enjoyed taking care of animals, so it was only natural to start my own pet sitting business!
I can never remember a time when we didnt have a dog, cat, or even an iguana in our house!  Sometimes we had all 3 varieties at the same time!  I have always enjoyed a cold nose greeting, my kitties curled up in my lap, or walking my dogs watching  the beautiful sunset sky.
I love every aspect of my job……some of my clients call me the pet nanny, I also hear dog sitter, cat sitter, pet sitter, just to name a few…….
I take care of pets for families in Scottsdale, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Mesa, and several other cities.  I am insured, have had medical training, and believe that safety is number 1!!
I would love the opportunity to get to know you and your pet babies, my consultation is free, and I’ll bring the treats! 
To reach me by phone, you can call me at 480-221-1039
My website is http://www.thewhitegloveconcierge.com
Looking forward to hearing from you!


Thanksgiving Card

November 21, 2009

A thought occured to me this week…where are all of the Thanksgiving Day cards? People say it, but don’t send it? I miss the written verses and beautiful fall pictures!
I was sure that many other folks did too, so I sent out a couple of cards to my close family members, whom I will not see over the holiday period.
Cost of course has gone up on everything and we are more connected by phone, computer etc but I would like to remind everyone that some people are not so connected in their lives and would love to read those precious words, see those georgeous fall pictures and receive something in their mail box other than junk mail and bills.

Have a wonderful holiday and give thanks for all we have received.
Debbie B
The White Glove Concierge.com

Tips for the day

November 17, 2009

Worried about catching the flu?
A couple of options that work Keep a container of lysol or other brand disinfecting, disposable wipes and wash off the door, cabinet, toilet handles often.

Old fashioned idea but proven to be effective – take an onion and cut it in quarters. place in dishes around the home.. the onion is known for its absorbtion properties and this may help catch some of the flu germs. Change the onion out after a few days.

Are you sick of the bath tub ring? Try Mr Clean magic eraser as it really works. After taking shower or bath just dampen the eraser and run it around the tub/shower…magic happens I swear! My tub looks new and is 30 plus years old! You can use it daily to keep that georgeous shine.

Debbie B
The White GLove Concierge

Turkey day is coming but until then……

November 9, 2009

I look forward to Thanksgiving;  the wonderful aroma in my kitchen and spending special time with the family while watching football and playing games.  Later we light our  backyard fire pit and roast marshmallows and make smores… then when everyone departs for home, we smile and know the holiday season is official.

If you are like some of us who have turkey at holidays and sparingly during the rest of the year, I have a treat for you!  Paradise Bakery has a special offering to awaken your taste buds….the turkey, cranberry, stuffing sandwich; I kid you not!   It is the most delicious sandwich and very filling.   At an additional cost  they also offer a butternut squash soup to compliment the tasty sandwich delight.   My friend and I split a half  sandwich for an afternoon lunch/snack, and were very satisfied.  We did not try the soup but figure it is just as good.

I am not any way affiliated with Paradise Bakery nor am I a food critic but this sandwich was much too good not to share with you.

If you get the turkey craving, go quickly as the sandwich won’t be around for long.   And by the way, drop me an email and let me know what you think.   You are welcome!

Debbie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 thewhitegloveconcierge@gmail.com

Tip for the day

November 8, 2009

As I was checking out at my local grocery store the other day, I realized I did not have the “magic card” to get the discounts for my purchases.  I noticed that the attendant was keeping tabs on my activities and as he approached he asked if I had another stores card with me… well I did and low and behold it worked!!!  I got the discounts and off I went.  As I was not convinced this was real, I had the opportunity to try it again and viola it worked like a charm.  There you are folks, one less card to carry around.  GOOD LUCK!

Debbie B.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The White Glove Concierge




Fashion 2009 on a budget

November 6, 2009

I am excited about Scottsdale Fashion Week and the grand opening of H & M.  Scottsdale is working diligently to keep us on the fashion map.  Now that all these fall fashions are here, how do we incorporate all the new designs and accessories?  Our Phoenix weather is an obstacle to the fall fashions with boots, coats and scarves being way too warm.  I observed a couple of young women trying to wear these fashion accessories and with the 90 degree temperatures they looked warm,  un-comfortable and out-of-place.

Another obstacle to fashion is a womans age and figure type…and this is nothing new.  I like the idea that you can wear last years sweater,  add a wide belt, a fringed scarf or  pearls and you now have  fashion 2009.   The fashion jewelry choices such as the large pearl necklace,   layers of  several necklaces worn together can be a problem for small/petite women and it takes experimenting to balance out the look .  One does not want to end up looking like Betty Flintstone!  I suggest trying on a few of your current necklaces together and see how you wear the look and then shop for length and size that works for your size and wardrobe. Another new hot item for fall is the Short length Military jacket,  they are all the  rage for the younger woman.  With some improvising  of last years short jacket adding some slight tailoring,   more buttons,  you can be marching to a similar, improvised 2009  fashion beat.  

I have tried to make the mini skirt work, adding  textured tights and boots and the mirror says no way honey, 1968 is long gone!  I am finding the skirt lengths are still offdering a full range or options  so I can be comfortable no matter what length I have current or choose to purchase.  Boots are appropriate for many skirt types and lengths so you can easily update a skirt  wardrobe by adding a comfortable boot.     The new  patterned stockings are beautiful and plentiful with a hefty price tag and one thought is adding one new  pair in a neutral color that offers versatility.

The 2009 run way fashions will offer some new looks and after the clothing industry makes some slight changes to the designs, we will have some new options  for the coming season.  Just sit back  and get ready to spice up your current wardrobe..it just takes a little patience, creativity and time.

Call me for more ideas..   Debbie  Bachler  (480-221-1039)                                                                                                                                                        www.thewhitegloveconcierge.com                                                                                                                                          thewhitegloveconcierge@gmail.com 



Cool tip for the hot summer

July 31, 2009

Take another look around your neighborhood, anything new?  Well if not go exploring.   Perhaps you have another neighboring community that has some new business’s to explore.  Recently I took a drive to a neighboring community and I tried new food and drink… what a treat!    I reconnected with a friend, and we took in the sights and sounds of another community so the ambiance was new , food tasted Divine, drinks were sumptuous and refreshing and we  felt renewed!  Dog days of summer were held back if only for a short while.  I plan to take another trip around so stay tuned!   If you want to know where drop me a line.  thewhitegloveconcierge@gmail.com

Debbie B.                                                                                                                               480-221-1039                                                                                              thewhitegloveconcierge.com

Mature dog care

July 16, 2009

The puppie stage in a dog’s life is fun for all!  They play, you play; they discover, you discover: and life long memories are made.  It seems at some point that this playful pup you could not get to rest is all of a sudden taking more naps, playtime is manageable and the worst of the bad habits are behind them.    The comfort of this stage remains constant until one day there might be a noticeable change… a  change in eating,  bathroom habits, and appearance. Your once healthy and vibrant dog is now acting different and seems to need a different type of care.   It is important to take your pet  regularly to the vet for dental and general care.  By monitoring their health on a regular basis, diseases like diabetes, Cushing’s disease, liver problems, and athritis can be diagnosed and dealt with.

What does a person do ahead of time to prepare for this last stage in a dogs life?   They have loved us and protected us for most of their lives and now we must do the same.  The pet industry has come to our rescue!  There are pet insurance policies, special medications to relieve  the physical ailments, specially designed foods, treats and even beds for their comfort.    We are saved… sort of! 

As a dog owner/sitter I have experienced first hand taking on the challenges of a mature dog and have learned techniques to help get both owner and pet through the mature stage.    It is important to understand that not all of the “old habits” change.  The older dog still wants dog food in a timely manner and perhaps a few more pellets might seem in order as the ” meal time stare” is still working.  My response is”don’t do it”!    Snacks and food should be monitored and discussed with your Vet.  Excessive weight can cause harm to their joints and over work their organs.  A Vet recommended exercise program is important and some doggy stretches and massage might be in order.    Being consistent with exercise and diet in a dogs life  can lead to extended years with your pet.

Do you find yourself concerned about leaving the mature dog alone for an extended length of time?  Dogs become comfortable in their environment and daily routine with any disruption can be very traumatic especially to a mature pet.    A quality dog sitter may be the answer.  Arrangements  for daily visits including 1 or more check ins  or even live- in’s can be arranged for times when you will be gone for any extended length of time.  I always strive to maintain the pet’s daily environment and routine which can greatly reduce the anxiety that the  pet feels during your absence. This in turn, greatly reduces the anxiety you feel about leaving the pet.

For quality pet care with the ” white glove treatment ” please call Debbie Bachler at  480-221-1039.  Please check out my website at WWW.thewhitegloveconcierge.com or email me at  thewhitegloveconcierge@gmail.com.  I look forward to talking with you soon.